• Noorain Noorani

Calgary, a Great Destination for Your Next Corporate Retreat

Whether you're heading a tech start-up, a Fortune 500 or a family business, if you’re looking to take your team on a trip that will parlay into business success, our team at Latitude will help you plan it all.

The best company retreat locations offer fun things to do and exciting sights to see.

One of those great options is Calgary; it is a great destination for team building retreats – it has a nice mix of big-city energy and friendly hospitality. The youthful urban core of the city is surrounded by the natural beauty of Rocky Mountain foothills, making it perfect for meetings or events that need a variety of versatile settings.

At Latitude we support companies in creating environments where employees can thrive both in the office and in their personal lives.

A retreat can offer standard activities like team building exercises—but also yoga, meditation, physical, mental & emotional resilience.

Why you should care about corporate wellness?

- Creates healthy, happy employees

- Improves performance, efficiency & attitude

- Builds morale

- Forges bonds between your employees

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you plan your next wellness retreat.

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