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Are You an Independent Solo Traveler or Do You Prefer to Travel Solo in a Group?

As the world experiences social/economic growth, advanced technology and access to better vacation products on market; the distance between countries seems to become shorter and shorter every day. More and more people are working through their bucket travel list as they realize the importance of #worklifebalance and #metime.

Many travel firms now offer various group travelling options to help a traveler reach their dream destination faster OR if you are someone who enjoys planning your own itinerary and has an eye for detail, then you may use one of many online options and book it yourself but be sure to read the fine print in its entirety and be ready for any unexpected surprises. There are many other ways to travel (such as family, multi-generational, etc.) but this blog post focuses on exploring the difference between group and solo travelling.

Fun Fact: Although online engines bring local tours to your finger tips, the vast majority of tours are still sold offline. About 80% of all tourism sector bookings take place offline (according to technology provider Trekksoft). Why you ask? Because Travel Firms like Latitude negotiate directly with local tour operators to eliminate third-party website costs. We can hold your spot on an airline, hotels and tours for 24 hours while you make your decision, which is not possible online. We can do so much more with our partners all around the world but for now let’s get back to the blog…

There is no right or wrong way to travel. It all depends on your style, budget and preference. We come across many people who want to travel but they may lack a travel companion. They don’t feel comfortable travelling alone and they may be faced with a language barrier. It’s possible they worry about something going wrong or they simple want to explore the world alone and meet new people without actually being alone. Also, keep in mind that single supplement is always higher than double occupancy rates. If you are willing to share your room with a group mate, you can save a few hundred dollars from your travel budget and spend it on, let’s say, another tour or shopping?

If we had to pick, we would definitely go with an organized group travel where the daily experiences are taken care of, most meals are planned and transportation/accommodation are arranged and we have our peace of mind. As someone wise once said “There are no strangers in this world, only the friends we have not met yet”. We invite you to experience one of our group retreats this year so you can experience the heartsease yourself.

You know our preference, now it's time to tell us yours. In order to win a $50.00 CDN Gift Card, which can be used towards a tour organized by us Worldwide, go to our Instagram account @LatitudeOrg, follow and comment your preference!

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